Excellent knowledge of existing tax laws, wonderful service and very professional. Ilir Nina at ITBS saved me a lot of money, times and headaches dealing with Idaho, California and IRS. I am extremely HAPPY with the results. Highly recommended.

Rich McAllister

President, MCR Accounting LLC

I've worked with Ilir in various settings and can honestly say he is one of the most intelligent people I know. He delivers extreme quality in all he does and is never satisfied with any work that is less than perfect. 100% Satisfied...and I'm a competitor.

David Arnold

Satisfied Customer-Owner of Rolling River Construction

Hi, this is David and Greta, owners of Rolling River Construction. Recently we were told to by H&R block that we owed $2500. I was thinking this is it. We could not afford to file as our business was struggling. My friend Tom said I should call his tax guy Ilir Nina. So I called Ilir and set up an appointment. He got me in right way. Ilir was able to find tax credits that Turbo Tax or I knew nothing about. Instead the government owed us money. At the end of the day Ilir proved to be very knowledgeable about tax credits available to us, and he went the extra mile. He contacted IRS about our 2007 tax return where we did get our stimulus money. Ilir is very professional with his accounting and filing of our taxes. He also made us feel right at home as clients. He really is in our corner and we are glad to have him. We will continue to use Ilir indefinitely. He was the blessing we were looking for today. My stress is now over and my blood pressure is back to normal. David Arnold 371-2763

Angela and Keith Hackbarth

Ilir is awesome. We have been taking our taxes to a Tax-in-the-Box for years. Ilir was able to talk us through our taxes step by step. We felt completely satisfied and we walked out of his business feeling like we actually we were receiving a good deal instead of looking at each other saying "What the heck just happened". We highly recommend Ilir to do your taxes or review your taxes from previous years. We have decided to bring our previous years taxes to Ilir as well. He is professional, courteous and highly intelligent. He knows his tax stuff.