Business Taxes

Business Taxes

Local businesses are the cornerstone of our community. The revenue they produce, the jobs they create, and the goods and services they provide are priceless additions to our state and without them we wouldn’t have the many of the great opportunities Boise has to offer. However, those businesses can’t do what they do best if they have to allocate a lot of time and resources to painstakingly file their taxes quarterly, semi-annually, or even annually. It takes a lot of time to file taxes for a business, as anyone who has tried it will know, so spending a few extra bucks to have an expert do it in a timely manner is worth every penny.

Why Should Businesses Hire A Tax Professional?

There are many many benefits to hiring a tax professional for your business. The first and foremost being time, as we discussed earlier. Anyone who has ever done business knows that the time they spend on filing taxes can account for a lot of lost revenue. If you could get that revenue back, it would easily cover the cost of hiring a preparer. Not to mention, we can get it done a lot faster due to our experience and ability to dedicate more time to the task.


The laws that surround taxation are always changing (see IRS latest news) and the regulations that govern the collection of taxes are shifting more and more each year– and it’s not like these changes are insignificant. A lot of the time the rules that are changed can be drastic enough that it seems like you have to learn a whole new system and language (which is absolutely ridiculous). If any other task was like this, we would be washing our hands of it. Imagine if you joined a football league and found out that they changed the rules so drastically each year that you would need to take a week off work to study them all. Would you be able to continue playing? No, absolutely not. Luckily, when it comes to tax prep, we have the ability to stay on top of all the new laws and regulations as they happen, making us able to accurately file your taxes.

Help During An Audit

Another thing to remember is that if you take this opportunity to work with us on your taxes is that we can help you out during an audit, something that one of those tax softwares can not do. This means that if you are audited by the IRS you will have a professional there to back you up, help you get everything in order and square it all away as fast as possible.

Type Of Businesses That Need A Tax Professional

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you own, you can and should hire a tax professional. If you are a large corporation, a partnership, an LLC, or even just a sole proprietorship, you should consider hiring tax professionals to take care of your taxes for you. It will be worth it in the long run.


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