Take a Look at Our Past Customers Success Stories

"Excellent knowledge of existing tax laws, wonderful service and very professional. Ilir Nina at ITBS saved me a lot of money, times and headaches dealing with Idaho, California and IRS. I am extremely HAPPY with the results. Highly recommended."

Rich McAllister

President, MCR Accounting LLC

"I've worked with Ilir in various settings and can honestly say he is one of the most intelligent people I know. He delivers extreme quality in all he does and is never satisfied with any work that is less than perfect. 100% Satisfied...and I'm a competitor."

David Arnold

Owner of Rolling River Construction

"We filed with another CPA for 3 years and the last two were a total mess!  We came to Ilir with the heaping pile last year and could not believe what an unbelievably smooth and easy process it was.  We wouldn't go anywhere else!"

Stephen Sherman


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