IRS Notices and Correspondence: Navigating Through the Maze


Dealing with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can often feel overwhelming, especially when you receive an unexpected notice or piece of correspondence in the mail. These communications can range from simple notifications to requests for additional information, audits, or notifications of due taxes. Understanding the different types of notices and how to respond to them can significantly reduce stress and help you manage your tax situation effectively.

Types of IRS Notices and CorrespondenceCP Notices (Computer Paragraph Notices)

These notices are automatically generated by the IRS’s computer system and can cover a variety of issues, such as informing you of due taxes, changes to your return, or a pending audit. The notice will typically explain the reason for the contact, detail any changes, and provide instructions on what actions you need to take.

Letter 12C (Information Request)

This letter is sent when the IRS needs additional information to process your tax return. It could be as simple as missing a form or needing clarification on your income or deductions. Responding promptly with the requested information is crucial to avoid delays in processing your return.

Notice of Audit and Examination Letters

Receiving an audit notice doesn’t always mean there’s a problem. The IRS selects returns for audit based on various factors, including random selection. This notice will outline what parts of your return are under review and how the process will proceed

CP2000 Notice (Underreported Income)

The IRS sends this notice when the income or payment information it has on file doesn’t match the information you reported on your tax return. This isn’t an audit but a request to verify the accuracy of your return.

Final Notice of Intent to Levy and Notice of Your Right to A Hearing (LT11)

This notice is one of the last steps in the IRS collection process. It’s sent when you owe taxes, and previous notices have been ignored. It’s crucial to respond to this notice to avoid potential levies against your assets.

How to Respond to IRS Notices

Read Carefully and Don’t Panic

First, read the notice or letter carefully. Understand what the IRS is asking or informing you of. Most IRS communications are standard notices that require a simple response or no action at all, other than acknowledgment.

Verify the Information

Check the information against your records. If the notice is about a change to your tax return or a discrepancy, compare it with the information on your return to see if you agree or disagree with their findings.

Respond Promptly

If a response is required, make sure to reply by the deadline given in the notice to avoid additional penalties or interest. Use the provided contact information and include a copy of the notice along with any documents or information requested.

Seek Professional Help if Needed

If you’re unsure how to respond or if the notice involves complex issues, consider seeking help from a tax professional. They can provide guidance, represent you in dealings with the IRS, and help ensure that your response is accurate and complete.

Keep Records

Always keep a copy of any correspondence with the IRS, including your response and any documents you send. This documentation can be crucial in case of future disputes or misunderstandings.


Receiving correspondence from the IRS can be intimidating, but understanding the purpose of these notices and how to respond to them can alleviate much of the anxiety associated with them. Remember, most IRS notices are routine and can be resolved with simple actions. Stay informed, organized, and proactive in your communications with the IRS to navigate through the maze of IRS notices and correspondence with confidence.



Ilir Nina CPA, EA, MSAT

Ilir Nina CPA, EA, MSAT

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