A Closer Look at Idaho’s Tax System Changes in 2024

In 2024, Idaho introduced some major changes to its tax system, and understanding these changes can be really interesting, especially for 9th graders learning about how taxes work. Let’s explore these changes in a way that’s easy to understand and dig into why they matter.

Idaho’s Big Tax Change: The Flat Tax System

1. What is a Flat Tax?

  • In a flat tax system, everyone pays the same percentage of their income in taxes, no matter how much they earn. Before, in Idaho, people with higher incomes paid a higher percentage of their income in taxes. But now, whether someone makes a little or a lot, they pay 5.8% of their income in taxes.

2. Why a Flat Tax?

  • The idea is to make taxes simpler. When everyone pays the same rate, it’s easier to understand and calculate your taxes. Plus, it’s seen as a fairer way for everyone to contribute to the state’s needs, like schools and roads.

More Money to Take Home

3. Higher Income Exclusions

  • Idaho also decided that people can earn more money before they have to start paying taxes. For single people, they can earn $2,500 more, and for married couples filing together, it’s $5,000 more. This means most people get to keep a bit more of their hard-earned money.

Businesses Get a Tax Cut Too

4. Lower Corporate Tax Rate

  • The tax rate for businesses was also reduced from 6% to 5.8%. This is to encourage more businesses to start or move to Idaho, which can create jobs and help the economy grow.

Understanding the Impact

5. Attracting People and Businesses

  • By having lower taxes, Idaho hopes to attract more people and businesses. This could mean more jobs and a stronger economy. It’s like saying “Hey, come live and work here, it’s a great deal!”

6. What About State Revenue?

  • Taxes are important because they pay for things like schools, roads, and public services. Some people worry that with lower taxes, there might not be enough money for these things. It’s something Idaho will have to balance.

Comparing Idaho to Other States

7. A Growing Trend

  • Idaho isn’t the only state trying out a flat tax. Other states like Arizona, Iowa, and Georgia have done something similar. It’s part of a trend where states are trying to make taxes simpler and more appealing to attract people and businesses.

The Debate Around Flat Taxes

8. Pros and Cons

  • Some people think flat taxes are great because they are simple and fair. Others argue that they might benefit wealthy people more and could lead to less money for important public services. It’s a big debate in the world of taxes!

Looking Ahead

9. What’s Next for Idaho?

  • It will be interesting to see how these tax changes work out for Idaho. Will they bring in more businesses? Will there be enough money for public services? These are questions that people will be watching closely.

10. Why This Matters to You

  • Even if you’re not in Idaho, understanding how taxes work and why they change is important. Taxes affect everything from the roads you drive on to the schools you attend. Plus, it’s good to know how different tax systems work, especially as you start to think about jobs and money in the future.

Idaho’s decision to switch to a flat tax system in 2024 is a big deal and part of a larger trend across the United States. These changes can affect everything from how much money you take home to the quality of public services. It’s an exciting and important topic, especially as we think about how governments use taxes to meet the needs of their people.

For those interested in more details about Idaho’s tax changes and their effects, resources like the Tax Foundation offer in-depth analysis and insights. Plus, state government publications provide detailed information about the legislative aspects of these reforms​




Ilir Nina CPA, EA, MSAT

Ilir Nina CPA, EA, MSAT

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